Whether you are looking to expand your present manufacturing base or to enhance it, Hamilton Avtec can customize solutions to your specific needs.

Feature for feature, you won't find a better piece of equipment or system at a better price anywhere

  • Low 30 rpm, standard 190 rpm and high 500 rpm
  • Complete series of models from 3-150 HP
  • Closed loop regrind recycling systems
  • Dust and fines separator
  • Full sound-proofed
  • Glass tube at the throat loading (JIT)
  • Integral (beside the press) loading
  • Central Vacuum system loading
  • Rail car unloading
  • Loaders for regrind and virgin
  • complete central loading systems and controls



  • High performance stainless steel pump,
    to ensure corrosion-free operation

  • P.I.D. multi-stage temperature control
    system can maintain a mould temperature with accuracy of 1 C

  •  easy no tool access for ease of maintenance.